Lady Bird ★★★★

Sure, I guess I pay attention.

Don’t you think maybe they are the same thing? Love and attention?

The wait for this movie was definitely worth the wait. Greta Gerwig knows how to WRITE, and she knows how to explore moments in a young adult’s life that is so perplexing and alien with a hilariously dramatic tone. Saoirse is the second-most perfect person to play the lead in a Greta Gerwig written film, other than Greta herself. Saoirse forms perfectly into the comedic beats while walking the tightrope of drama that’s underlying the story, and she does all of this with Laurie Metcalf by her side. Lady Bird may be about Christine, but her mother Marion is much more of an anomaly that has yet to be explored, that is if she even can be. This movie contains one of the most heartbreaking scenes with Laurie Metcalf’s character in her car and contains one of the most heartwarming scenes with Laurie in her car again with Lady Bird’s voicemail playing over it. This movie was so beautiful and warm and saddening, I’m crying.

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