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  • A Woman Under the Influence

    A Woman Under the Influence


    This is not about a woman with "mental illness". This is about a woman who does certain things out of love and enthusiasm, but does so outside social norms. This is about a man who does certain things out of confusion and frustration, but whose actions have already been seen and understood in the wider culture.

    This does not make her or him "bad people" or "crazy". Ideally these people should be made to understand their shortcomings and the ways…

  • Greed


    A perfect early western flick tacked onto the end of a sloppy bastardization of a Griffith morality film. You can tell the lost sequences were almost all the strongest though and would've elevated the material a great deal, but I still can't really recommend the almost 4 hour reconstruction as the stills can't do much to compensate.

    I don't know what the guys at the Edmonton Metro Cinema were thinking replacing the score with seemingly random Johnny Greenwood tracks from…

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  • Overlord


    Rly glad they're letting 12 year olds make movies now

  • The Road Within

    The Road Within

    "Amy Winehouse suck my dick" - Actual dialogue that someone wrote to be used in a feature film

    Obnoxious, derivative, pretentious, offensive on many levels, and consistently infuriating, I really don't know what I expected, but this surprised me by just how shit it actually is. The protagonist's so-called "Tourette's" consists of him yelling random obscene phrases because apparently that's funny, every character is just a caricature defined almost entirely by a single trait, and it made me rethink It's Kind of a Funny Story as some kind of creative masterwork, which is a huge accomplishment on any account.