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  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66


    I got my hands on the "First Very Rough Draft" of the Buffalo '66 screenplay, which is likely the one first dictated by Gallo and typed up by Alison Bagnall. I've scanned and uploaded it here if you're interested: archive.org/details/buffalo-66-script

    Here are what I thought were the substantial changes from the finished film:

    - The descriptions of Buffalo seem to suggest the film taking place during a harsh winder day, with strong winds and intense snowfall. This is dialed back…

  • Hereditary


    Films are a method of communication. It is up to filmmakers to articulate ideas, which can be aesthetic or intellectual.

    What preconception does is gives filmmakers a shortcut. It's like the use of stock phrases or buzzwords in a conversation. They can be used to establish a common basis, which can then be continued from tangentially to communicate something new. However, if they are relied on heavily they can be used to cover up a lack of substance to be…