Belle ½

The negative flip-side of Evangelion 3.0+1.0, as it represents the exploitation of arbitrary preconception as a way towards propping up notions of the importance of oneself over others
(i.e. Thinking you're the main character of reality and your problems are more important than others, therefore living with the intent of propping up these selfish delusions rather than treating others with equal respect as a fellow individual.)

Every element of Belle props up the protagonist as the most important person in the universe. She has a backstory that is easily taken as tragic so her problems are immediately given paramount importance over others. Her "true self" in the virtual world is a beautiful goddess, while everyone else is represented as cartoonish caricatures. Everyone who opposes her is an irrational, irredeemable villain to be defeated.

This is the fundamental root of human evil. The notion that you are more important than other people, that your place in the universe is of greater significance, is what causes someone to harm, assault, or kill someone else when they have become characterized as the enemy to what is of cosmic importance (you, not them). It causes you to make the environment uninhabitable for others, it causes you to live your life with paramount concern for your own immediate gratification rather than towards improving circumstances for yourself and others.

In a World of U
For the Praise of U

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