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  • Casablanca mon amour

    Casablanca mon amour

    After meager locked-down months of intermittent lackluster (theaterless) acceptabilities I finally find in the unsung work of some friends a song really worth hearing, ensouling and uplifting, unassuming but heart-kindling, bellows gentle (like the Boards of Canadian electronic score that recurs more and more toward the conclusion) to stoke a tender warmth into a cold spirit.

    Maybe part of my affection comes from knowing the director and his cameraman and therefore imagining the two friends' wandering low-key journey across Morocco…

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Blue is the Warmest of Three Mulholland Belle Women Noiseuses is some kind of Gray Album-like hypothetical mash-up movie that might tug at the same aesthetic receptor brainstrings and embroider them into a similarly pretty pattern (for those who sit quietly) as this buzzing quilting bee, a match struck (and pipe-igniting) in bonfire haze, seaspume, paintbrush bristles and dilated gazes, whose royal jelly dangles in the salivary cobwebs of lips meeting to weave together the patchwork of observer and object…

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  • The Emblazoned Apparitions

    The Emblazoned Apparitions

    Disaster porn for decayed celluloid, images all cracked and rippling, sepia- and nostalgia-toned in treatment and in content, with Chaplin and other old figures discernible still across the decades. Though not death alone is thus evoked, for the flurry and foam of movement speak to coruscating energies, pulsing with life and revitalizing even as they break down the past into mosaic tiles and glass shards, new possibilities of their own and the seeing eye's - e unum pluribus.

  • Young Man of Manhattan

    Young Man of Manhattan

    One of few "pre-Code" films for which that label refers to revelatorily progressive narrative content and also intriguing technological production alternatives - the latter even altering the texture of the former. Before one gets a sense of the cinematically uncommon dynamic between men and women here - both what each is capable of, and how they relate to one another - one very literally gets the aural sense that something is very different about how everyone sounds.

    The modern viewer's…