Tenet ★★★★½

I was so excited when this was announced. I should have just watched it when it came out. I put it off because I saw all the people saying it's stupid, pretentious, and needlessly convoluted - which are all things I'd say to describe one of the most popular movies in existence, but definitely not Tenet.

Also, Nolan is kind of hit or miss for me. The Dark Knight and Inception use to be all-time favorites for me, and I still consider them modern blockbuster masterpieces. Then I ended up hating Memento and The Prestige. So I just assumed with all the bad reviews that this would be on the side of Nolan's filmography that I didn't enjoy.

I'd put Tenet right up there with The Dark Knight and Inception, though. Personally loved this movie - everything about it just nailed it for me.

I think people who find Inception and Tenet confusing just have a short attention span. I mean the script pretty much explains it all to you. I guess that's another complaint people have though. "just pure exposition". Idk, I've always like sci-fi movies with a shit ton of exposition personally. I think they're interesting and engaging.

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