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  • mother!



    After a solid first hour, the story abruptly ends in a psychedelic anarchistic mess. Aronofsky blows neither hot nor cold here and repeats his idea from the Fountain with little adjustment. Jennifer Lawrence fails to carry the film or to raise it to a higher level. Far too many shots on her beautiful face, but they can not hide her limitations as an actrice. Highly drastic and, above all, failed as a design!

  • Hidden Figures

    Hidden Figures


    This typical Hollywood crowdpleaser is much too well-behaved. Especially in order to avoid anyone's hair and everything to run politically correct. As a result, this film gets bored very quickly and the tricks with mathematics in the long run no longer make a difference. Give this to a director with balls and the end result will be a completely different story at NASA. Level average weekend movie.

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  • The Salesman

    The Salesman


    Two stories that blend together which them one (Death of a salesman)little contributes to the story. Same problem as in a separation too long drawn out. Moralizing and a lack of dynamism making this film a rather dull experience. Yaaaaaaaawn !

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    The big question is .. Has this succeeded as successor of the original? Hell yes ! One of the best films of the year and Villeneuve his magnus opus. A masterpiece just did not get it because the image is too time-consuming and the director loses his way in the subplots. On the other hand, the visual is very high level with some exciting shots. Ryan Gosling is playing this as the best actor of his generation! A just no masterpiece.