Dune ★★★½

When you take a life, you take your own.

Weapon opens time. Unfortunately, because I am not fluent in that Arrival water ring heptapod language, I feel a little tentative rating this movie without seeing its second half. That said, this was super! Imagine Denis Villeneuve taking all the money in the world, time traveling to 2009 and asking, "What if Avatar was The Hurt Locker?" His sensibilities are, to me, arguably adrift here in true action blockbuster world, but critically, that just means he absolutely gets Herbert. This is perhaps the best Dune adaptation a textual purist could've asked for, a doggedly faithful rendition that leans in on every detail and sensibility of the novel. I'm looking forward to seeing its grand-scale conclusion, which I hope amps up on some of the fantastical and surrealistic formal trickery alluded to in the opening sentence of this review. We await Part Two.

As a side note, damn, Rebecca Ferguson, u scary 😳

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