• Dead Again

    Dead Again


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Gays, as you know, are soulless mama’s boys who value antiques above people and are a virulent threat to eternal heterosexual love.

  • Working Girl

    Working Girl


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Ok but did Tess get a finder’s fee or what?

  • Elvis



    “Here it is at last,” Roger Ebert wrote of Armageddon, “the first 150-minute trailer.” Elvis is so much like watching a four-hour movie played back at 1.5x speed that it honestly might have killed Roger were he not already dead. In the first half, I don’t think there’s a single shot that lasts more than two seconds. I often felt I needed Dramamine just to endure it. Yet even while the emotional moments are kept at arm’s length by the relentless artifice, one…

  • Watcher



    There is not a single surprise in the entire movie. At least Men has that birth scene. Maika is incredible though.

    Why did Chloe want her own writing credit (“written for the screen and directed by”) instead of sharing credit with the original writer (“based on a screenplay by”)? What a bizarre thing to do to a fellow writer.

  • Morbius



    Not so much bad as it is barely a movie?

  • Fire Island

    Fire Island


    We just started this but why is this 1.66:1? Aspect ratios as an aesthetic choice are out of control.

  • In the Mouth of Madness

    In the Mouth of Madness

    If only people could still get this excited about books.

  • The Untouchables

    The Untouchables


    It’s such a beautifully made movie from such a terrible script.

  • The Fly

    The Fly


    Geena and Jeff 👏 were not 👏 even 👏 nominated 👏

  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    Two things:

    1. Nicole Kidman welcomed us to AMC. Then Tom Cruise welcomed us to Top Gun. This experience was a throwback in every conceivable way and I have no complaints. Back at the movies!

    2. I appreciate that Glen Powell and Miles Teller clearly had a secret agreement to honor the homoerotic legacy of Top Gun, because the sexual tension between them was 🔥🔥🔥.

  • Serenity


    The Arc of His Story Bends Toward Justice

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    Season 3 of Big Little Lies is wild.