Housebound ★★★★

Housebound is a well done suspense/horror/comedy (order which I found fit). The film told the tale of Kylie Bucknell who is placed under house arrest with her mother and a ghostly presence. The first half of the film seemed slow with tiny flashes of suspense. I'm sure the suspense would be better but I had also seen "it follows" this day. The part I waited and found pay off really well was the last 40 minutes. Once past the first hour the film starts to reveal more and more on its way to a satisfying end. This movie is not jump scare scary, but also is not all out funny. The humor derives mostly from snarky remarks from Morganna O' Reilly's character (so don't expect gag jokes). A movie to look out for... on Netflix (that's where I watched it).

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