Turbo Kid

Turbo Kid ★★★★

The apocalypse has crippled humanity... In the dreaded year of 1997. A terrible time indeed. In the face of imminent damnation stand some peculiar characters. One of which a man, err, kid. Not just a kid, The Kid. Of course, humanity can't just pull together, sing Kumbuya, and coexist. Fuck that! A war must be fought.

The Kid has a lot to learn, but he's on the right path. In a world where money is now useless, there are more meaningful things to barter. The Kid is buying into dreams. His dream: to be like Turbo Rider. He's got friends behind him to help along the way. He's also got the power of nostalgia! That fucking score had me clapping with it, the Power, or rather, Turbo Glove, and oh so much more.

Turbo Kid is quite the fun ride. I may not have quite lived the "nostalgia," but this movie all but confirms that I should have belonged. It's up my alley. Lots of oohs, ahs, and oh shit what the fuck's?! Mix in friendship, gore, one liners, and one of the most ruthless villains ever, and yep it's even better. I say give it a try. For now it enters the coveted pantheon of my top ten of 2015.

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