It ★★★★★

A plethora of raw, youthful emotion. Andy Muschietti engages the audience from the opening red herring scares alone.

IT has a fantastic young cast brimming with chemistry from the get-go, a beautiful, melodramatic score, a breathtaking, yet disturbingly uncomfortable opening scene, gorgeous symbolism (can not talk much about that as it's spoilers) and cinematography, a very well written script and a stand out performance by both Jaeden Lieberher and a tie between Finn Wolfhard and Jack Dylan Grazer. and also, Bill Skarsgard is sensational as Pennywise.

One scene that stood out for me in terms of camera work and pure horror was the scene with Stanley and the painting, which I won't go into but its fair to say that after seeing that, I won't be sleeping for a while...

IT does not rely on cheap jump scares like we see in most horror flicks now, it relies on the pure terror and fear that the characters you get so invested in are scared of. Benjamin Wallfisch's eerie, unsettling score sets the tone perfectly in each scene, as each scare is crafted to exquisite perfection by Andy Muschietti, some scares are so unprecedented that you can't help but have your eyes glued to the screen.

IT isn't all about the scary clown that preys on children, it's also a story about these kids who come together thanks to Pennywise's mischief in and around Derry. You feel so much for all of the Loser's Club, and whenever Pennywise confronts any of them, it's all fuelled by the sheer terror and suspense that each vision brings, and each powerhouse performance by the kids and Skarsgard.

to sum it up, I loved every second of the 135min runtime of IT: Chapter One.

bring on the sequel.

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