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  • How to Be Single

    How to Be Single


    Thoughts while watching:

    - this is a really nice SNL digital short that went too long
    - I don't think rebel Wilson has ever been hired. She just shows up and is in the movie. 
    - Allison Brie is better than this.
    - jake lacy is adorable and I would cuddle him every day
    - Leslie Mann is a national treasure
    - Dakota Johnson always feels like she's doing an impression of a "normal person"
    - holy shit that part where Damon Wayans breaks up with her is so damn intense. Chill out. 
    - I kinda liked it

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    This is now my second time viewing this film and I still don't know if I totally feel comfortable going deep into an examination of it, but this is one thing that I was left with after watching it.

    This is a film about progress. Human or technological. The monoliths are beacons that accelerate the human race from the dawn of man to the moon, and to the Jupiter mission and beyond. There is also the sudden change man goes…