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  • The Proud and Damned

    The Proud and Damned

    The Yawn & The Nap. If you love tough guy sounding western action movies where a tacked on love story hijacks the movie then this is the one for you!

    - Cesar "Salad" Romero from Batman fame!
    - Dirty gypsies!
    - Better than melatonin!

    -Love story hijacks the plot and is terrible.
    -Bad,boring,generic scenes at action all at the end.

    Rating - F

  • New Jack City

    New Jack City


    -Great diverse cast & stories
    -Feels like a pseudo documentary
    -Great culture & music add to production.

    -Feels so dated that it could be a period piece.
    -Wesley Snipes' character not as interested as others.
    -Film looses its focus on main characters half way through.

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  • Attack Force

    Attack Force

    You just know you are in for a bad time when you pick a movie from a Steven Seagal 4-Pack from Mill Creek to watch. Attack Force is a 2006 thing they are labeling a film. It’s far from that. It's in 7 words, One Of The Worst Movies Ever Made. And this reviewer has seen movies with Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill in them.

    The trouble starts early in the opening scene where a group of bad guys that…