Cruella ★★★

Not as abysmal as the live action remakes but still feels like watching water funnel through an aqueduct. Would love to see a supercut of all the "name origin scenes" in all the prequels. jk please don't put me through that. "What if the director of I, Tonya made a movie about the villain from 101 Dalmatians?" That's not a criticism, that's just exactly what Cruella is. I gotta give it up to Craig Gillespie, I, Tonya was littered with some of the most obvious songs but I felt like with Cruella he went off the beaten path and didn't remind me of deja vu. The "I Wanna Be Your Dog" scene was great, never thought I'd hear that song in a Disney film let alone with so much emphasis put on the lyrics. The primary trio--Emma Stone, Paul Walter Hauser, and Joel Fry--was fantastic. My biggest gripe with these stories is that they try to make the villain too likeable in their past and as a result we don't get enough of their character traits that made us interested in them in the first place. The Solo movie is a good example of a bad example. Yet, Emma Thompson is a wonderful villain! She's awful! This sounds like mostly praise (which it is) so why the 3 star rating? The movie just has too much down time, which is probably the result of the 2+ hour length. Often times I'd find myself losing interest during the movie. But the interesting parts slap. The little dogs were so damn cute. Would love to wear them as a jacket <3

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