Hereditary ★★★★½

I went into Hereditary knowing nothing about it. (I avoid watching movie trailers.) While this won't contain any spoilers, if you haven't seen the movie yet, I highly recommend going in completely blind.

(If you're still reading you either saw it or don't care. Either way, I'll continue as well.)

Everything about Hereditary worked, and worked so well. All cylinders were firing from start to finish. The direction, the acting, and the score, all fit together to create a world that fully immersed its audience while inching forward, with the occasional lunge, into the hard to believe, the supernatural. Instead of using grief as just the premise, a backdrop, the movie brings the emotional pain of loss to the forefront. (Toni Collette's performance will easily be one of 2018's best.) The intensity of Hereditary will not be lost on the more casual moviegoer, a couple walked out of my theater ~45 minutes in. Knowing this only made my enjoyment of the discomfort instilled that much more captivating.

The problem with movies this good is that they make you reconsider your perspective on other films of similar ilk. For instance, A Quiet Place looks dreadfully average now. I feel like every 2018 movie just got knocked a half star rating down.

I'm excited to re-watch Hereditary. The thematic ideas regarding choice/free will, us being pawns in some larger cosmic drama, and Ann's creation of toy houses all seem to go hand in hand, but I don't fully grasp whatever it is that is being presented. Or maybe it's just that simple and I'm unnecessarily looking deeper than what is intended.

And finally, the post-movie discussions on the supernatural versus mental health are provoked by the ambiguity of the film making here. The parallels to be drawn with The Babadook are warranted and for whatever reason, make the two movies (imo) starkly contrast where they land in this conversation.

*tongue click ad infinitum*

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