Holy Motors

Holy Motors

When to like it or not becomes a decision to make you know you've wasted your time.

My good intentions cannot make this experience any better, any prettier or uglier. I cannot imbue it with more meaning in an attempt to meet the film halfway. I guess what I'm saying is: Perform for me fucker. I'm not playing this game.

The reviews. I've read a lot of them. Where viewers have gleaned more from this film than I have, I get it, like an equation that is mathematically precise but ultimately meaningless. See, I'm still trying.

Then, whilst typing this blah review, I hit on it. This film left me unchanged. And this, the pretty realisation: translate or transform me. That is what I want from films.

I'm past just wanting to be entertained, though there are times when that is all I want. I certainly don't buy bizarre for bizarre's sake.

So in the interest of making lemonade, I'll drink the nice cool realisation that though this movie should have stayed a dream, it was a refreshing wake up call all the same.

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