Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★

A visually aesthetic and stylishly directed watch, centred by Carey Mulligan's superb performance. A number of things here and there that I wasn't too crazy about (mostly tonal and writing issues), but alas.

At its core, it's infuriating; it really is. But more than anything, it's important. For one, it constantly makes you question the people you surround yourself with; the men, specifically. It's a horrible truth for so many women and something that, for more than enough moronic reasons, is still not addressed the way it should be. There are situations like this happening right now as I write this review and still will in the future. And I wonder whether saying this or even if making a film like this will actually make a difference. The optimist in me says it will, and I want to abide by that. It's a gradual process and a slow one at that, unfortunately. The least we can really do, as a collective, is to educate and inform. It's why we need films like Promising Young Woman, and I believe that.

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