Eternals ★★★★★

what a beautiful, beautiful movie.

eternals was so beautiful and amazing and wonderful and spectacular. i'll be honest, all those critics reviews had gotten into my head, and no matter how much my friends said it was an excellent movie, the question what if the movie is actually terrible? still echoed in my mind. but now that i've watched it, i can say very confidently, this movie is the farthest thing from a horrible film, and it's not even close to being the worst mcu movie like most of the reviews claim.

chloé zhao brings out the best of marvel in eternals without actually following the usual mcu movie pattern. the pacing, the cinematography, the score, the storytelling, and even the way these characters are presented to us is different from all the previous marvel films, and i mean this as the highest form of compliment.

my favourite eternal (obviously) was druig. barry keoghan's acting, as always, was so amazing. his chemistry with lauren ridloff's makkari outsold all the other mcu ships, and now drukkari is my #1 mcu ship without a doubt. sersi absolutely stole my heart, and gilgamesh is definitely one of my fav characters ever. the theatre cheered the loudest whenever thena's action sequences came on screen, and it was very much deserved, because her and makkari's action cgi were the coolest. the hidden gem in the movie was harish patel as karun, whose funny and quirky remarks kept the movie alive and the audiences refreshed. i expected a bit more from kingo because he was showed as the very funny guy in all the promos, and while he was still a very fun character, for me personally, brian tyree henry as phastos really nailed all the funny scenes.

i felt like they could've used a bit more of ajak, but the scenes that she had were so heartwarming. lia mchugh as sprite was amazing. i didn't like her character very much, but there's no doubt that lia is an amazing actress, hope to see her in more hollywood projects. i liked sersi and dane's chemistry better than ikaris and sersi's, so i really wanna see how they go about this love triangle, that is, if the said "triangle" still exists.

i am most excited to see druig, makkari and dane (LOVED kit harington) in future mcu projects, their stories and dynamics with the other characters seemed the most interesting to me.

anyways, fuck the gossip, eternals is amazing, and i believe it should be seen on the big screen at least once!

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