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  • The Last Lions

    The Last Lions


    It is to a mother lioness, and the team of Dereck and Beverly Joubert, who wrote, produced and photographed her life and triumphs in all their cruelty and wonder, that we owe a genuinely astonishing film. Astonishing for its drama, its suspense and not least its capacity to elicit a sense of joy in viewers, a reaction not commonly induced by wildlife films involving threatened species.

    That’s not to say there isn’t plenty of darkness, violence and cruel loss in…

  • Cinema Paradiso

    Cinema Paradiso


    Cinema Paradiso is a love letter to cinema, a celebration of the movies and to those who cherish them, whether they are simply watchers or creators.

    It’s a movie about movies and the impact they can have on people. A fantastic tale of the magic movies can bring to its audiences and constant reminder of how important movies are to those who truly love them.

    (When I watched this, I cried a bit and then I sobbed at ending. Damn. 😭😭 )

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  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    Definitely one of the funniest films of the year and is one of my favourites. There is a point in the movie where the laughs are coming so fast and hard that I could barely breathe. Best zombie film of the year, best comedy of the year, best feel-good film and best film about films.

    And yash, I appreciated the level of detail and craft in One Cut of the Dead. It's just fucking briliant.

  • Venom



    Gagal Venom-enal.