Annie G. Galloping

Annie G. Galloping ★★★½

"Did you know the very first assembly of photographs to create a motion picture was a 2-second clip of a black man on a horse?" - *NOPE* (2022 Jordan Peele movie clip)

Eadweard Muybridge developed a system of fast-motion photography in the 1870s. *Sallie Gardner at a Gallop* was his most popular 12-photo sequence, published in a series of cabinet cards in 1878. The quote above is in reference to a sequence of completely different photographs 9 years later, from volume IX of Muybridge's massive 1887 book publication, *Animal Locomotion* (in this sequence titled "Annie G."). Quite simply, this "very first assembly" claim is a work of fiction, but it does shine a light on Muybridge's pre-cinematic invention and the culture of horse racing at the time.

The *Animal Locomotion* photos are the perfect size for animated GIFs. There's a whole bunch of them here:

Check out the 2021 documentary, *Exposing Muybridge,* for more about his life & work. I also highly-recommend this article for a more in-depth study of his horses in motion:

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