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  • Fire of Love

    Fire of Love


    This is like a real life Wes Anderson film. Color palette, narration, soundtrack (Air), attire, quips, and even the camera work.

  • Rosalie Moves In

    Rosalie Moves In


    The earliest of the Rosalie series included in the Cinema's First Nasty Women Blu-ray set from Kino Lorber, December 2022. Not sure why Rosalie is wearing East Asian makeup, but the plot does not seem to indict the race as bad neighbors. See warning below. Otherwise, I had a good time watching this slapstick comedy of errors. It's hard to take your eyes off of Sarah Duhamel, who plays Rosalie.

    Warning before this film on the Blu-ray: The following film…

  • It’s Rosalie’s Fault!

    It’s Rosalie’s Fault!


    A tinted-film episode of the Rosalie series. Green title, yellow for lit scenes, and blue for in-the-dark & night scenes. Purotin, the burglar, may have the most unique facial hair ever captured on film.

    On disc 2 of the Cinema's First Nasty Women Blu-ray set from Kino Lorber, December 2022.

  • Pétronille’s Despair

    Pétronille’s Despair


    Another amusing short from French comedienne Sarah Duhamel, one of five Pétronille films in the new 2022 Cinema's First Nasty Women box set, each with a new soundtrack. This one has the morbid theme of her trying to kill herself multiple ways after heartbreak, but Duhamel is always charismatic and fun to watch.

  • Pétronille Wins the Grand Steeple Chase

    Pétronille Wins the Grand Steeple Chase


    French actress Sarah Duhamel once again shows her comedic chops and charisma in this horse chase film. For context, all of her films in the new 2022 Cinema's First Nasty Women box set precede Charlie Chaplin's film career.

    WARNING: A horse slips on the road and falls over with its rider. The horse gets up and seems okay, but this would definitely be considered sensitive content today.

    The five Pétronille films in the box set are all good quality scans, although not overly cleaned and restored. Each has an enjoyable new soundtrack, as well.

  • Pétronille and Her Monkey

    Pétronille and Her Monkey


    This is probably my favorite of the five Pétronille (actress Sarah Duhamel) shorts in the new 2022 Cinema's First Nasty Women box set. In many ways, it's a typical early-1910's "chase film," but the physical comedy in this one really got me chuckling.

    WARNING: They are a little rough on the monkey, Joko, if you're sensitive to that kind of thing. I wouldn't call it abuse, but the monkey doesn't seem to enjoy a lot of the filmmaking process!

  • Laughing Gas

    Laughing Gas


    It really is refreshing seeing African Americans interact on screen at this time. The new Cinema's First Nasty Women box set, from December 2022, includes an intertitle explaining a missing scene: The German street band - Mandy stops to listen to sweet music - She laughs - They Laugh - She breaks up a symphony in G. (Decent, but not pristine quality on the Blu-ray, and a new jazzy score.)

  • Gather



    I'm a white suburbanite vegetarian, but I'll always support food sovereignty revolutions, even non-vegetarian ones. To have a part in producing, gathering, and preparing food, especially for Native Americans, is a powerful component of transforming lives. Supported by firstnations.org/

  • Is That Black Enough for You?!?

    Is That Black Enough for You?!?


    Focusing on films between 1968-1978, film scholar Elvis Mitchell takes a personal look at Black cinema from its origins through the late 70s. A Netflix original documentary.

    If you're like me, you'll want a list of all the films mentioned in the doc! Here, with notes: boxd.it/j6NTI

  • The Place Beyond the Pines

    The Place Beyond the Pines


    One of the most realistic yet rewatchable films about the wide-reaching, devastating influence of just one gun death. Listened to the commentary on this watch - the director mentions films like Napoleon (1927) and Psycho with a "baton pass triptych" from one family or generation to the next. "Consequences... legacy... lineage... what we pass on."

  • The Ballet Dancer

    The Ballet Dancer


    Stumfilm's tweet yesterday (8.Nov.2022) sold me. NEW on our site: 'The Ballet Dancer' (1911) in a restored version with English subtitles and music by Ronen Thalmay. It is the third and last film Nielsen made in Denmark before continuing her career in Germany. www.stumfilm.dk/en/stumfilm/streaming/film/balletdanserinden

    While there is nothing particularly remarkable about the filmmaking or story here, it's always worth watching Asta Nielsen in 1080p. Her stage presence was like no one else's at the time.

  • Filibus



    An Italian adventure sci-fi in 5 parts. Actress Valeria Creti plays three characters (including a man) and causes mischief in the descending "gondola" from her airship. It's always fun to see technology of the day, like the heliograph and telephone which connects to the airship above.

    Watched on the 2021 Milestone Blu-ray restoration. The print is in relatively good shape for its age, with some nitrate decomp, jumps, and scratches, but they rarely detract from the movie experience.