Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

So I know this was marketed as a really colorful gory zombie adventure but it was a lot more sandy and serious.

There was so much story that was trying to be told but a lot of the time it felt just.... there. Like I get it, the story isn't supposed to be the focus with these types of movies but they spent so muchhhh time on it. A lot of comedy bits didn't really work for me and there wasn't really anything super interesting to keep me engaged most of the time. Also, wtf was with the font of the opening credits? It literally looked like they picked "Basic Title" and then made it 107 size font to cover the screen. It wasn't cool or stylistic and it doesn't even work in the simplistic style, it just looked freaking lame.

What really bothered me was the camera work done by none other than Zach himself. Zach, I know you love your handheld close-ups with extremely close focus BUT JESUS CHRIST DUDE. There were literally points where major aspects of the scene were super confusing because there was no shot establishing the environment. It felt like the most claustrophobic way to shoot things and became really grating because I literally couldn't see past 5 feet of the actors.

The majority of acting was fine for the most part but there were moments and line readings from certain characters that were just straight-up bad. Also, a specific death featuring a character felt extremely goddamn stupid as the entire group was able to help but literally didn't because.... *plot*. There were a lot of annoying things that happened for the sake of plot. That's not how cars and radiation work Zach.

There were some cool sequences, specifically one nearing the end. And Zach finally used slow-mo to a cool effect during a specific casino shootout. But they were so few and far between it doesn't feel worth it to sit through the whole thing again.

In all, the film just feels like a giant mess that didn't use its 2 and half hour runtime to its benefit. It really felt like if a college film bro student got his hands on a bunch of Netflix money and wanted to make his short film into a full-length feature with no plan on how to make the expansion feel natural.

Also that ending was one of the most abrupt feeling finales that I've seen in a long time. C'mon dude.

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