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  • The Bélier Family

    The Bélier Family


    The idea of this film was really cool to me, I really enjoyed this movie and am quite biased due to similar aspects between the film and I. The movie nailed the portraying of both sides of the family and both of their struggles which too me was great because I'd ever only think to go just one and focus on them but to include a bit more power to the secondary roles that give them the edge, to make…

  • Whiplash



    Turn my pages bitch

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  • Paranormal Activity

    Paranormal Activity

    Fuck off

  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2

    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2


    If there ever was a way to end the batman and what he represents, this would be it, even though it never really ends. One thing that escapes people's minds is the future concerning heroes and the one thing that heroes can never escape is time, some have god-like millennial lives while others don't. What's meant to come next? Regardless, time catches up and they have the choice of ending it at themselves or continuing the legacy in different methods.…