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  • Heat



    Imagine emotionally preparing yourself to fly away on a permanent vacation with a horrible murderous criminal, and then he bounces last minute and you have to go back to working retail.

    Fucking masterpiece.

  • Redline



    Speed Racer + the pop psychedelic visuals of something like Fear & Loathing. The definition of a good time.

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  • Man with a Movie Camera

    Man with a Movie Camera


    Part of Film School Dropouts 2017
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    Week 5: Movement - Russian Montage (1923-1934)

    How should one approach watching a film as important as Man with a Movie Camera? You can watch it academically as a showcasing of innovative editing techniques, or as a cinematic entry into the Russian Futurism canon. But if that sounds boring or intimidating to you, don't fret. Put your film theory textbook to the side and just watch. Little context is…

  • Nosferatu



    Part of Film School Dropouts 2017
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    Week 3: Movement - German Expressionism (1920-1927)

    The character of Count Dracula has been more or less canonized as a symbol of evil, as evidenced by the numerous reincarnations of him. Every reconception, however, carries a different subtext as to what comprises the evil. Murnau's evil in Nosferatu is visceral terror through the absolutely sinister character design of Count Orlok (Dracula), the saving grace in an otherwise symbolically muddied…