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  • Crimes of the Future
  • Extreme Prejudice
  • The Sadness
  • Night of the Demon

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  • True Romance


  • Hard Vice

  • The Climber


  • RRR


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  • True Romance

    True Romance


    Watched for the first time. Watched Directors Cut. Elvis fueled cocaine love story on the road from Detroit to Hollywood. Banger.

  • Hard Vice

    Hard Vice

    While watching this movie I found a video on Instagram of a Chimpanzee poking a porcupine and then being chased by said porcupine. I musta watched that video like 9 times and laughed each time.

Popular reviews

  • The Unholy

    The Unholy


    LMFAO!!! Seriously, this movie was hilarious!! Right away you get a perspective of the witch being burned alive, I was sold!! But then it gets dumb and I had a great time!! Just some of the dumbest shit in this movie, the glowing statue face! The bad early 2000's cgi! The Sadako ripoff!! The gullibility of religious folk!! And the pro-god message at the end 🤮!
    I shouldn't like it but I did. Also, I had to have my return trip back to the theater while I was stoned. So, not to be that guy but since I'm that guy this movie was much more enjoyable!

  • Scream



    What the Hell was this crap?!!

    It's laughably bad.

    The entire time it makes fun of the audience and people with my reaction. It was by design to provoke this reaction, almost like the directors hated making it. I laughed out loud at parts you're not supposed to laugh at. This is garbage. Atrocious acting. It gets one star and my like because I didn't hate it, i did have fun laughing at it and pissing off the people next to me.

    A complete betrayal of everything Scream. Intended to get this exact kind of review. Why attack the fanbase of Scream?? Who knows.......