"i am not a gimmick account (yes, this is actually me, the real adam sandler), but i want to say a few words in remembrance of the gottilovers and gottihater that have been blacklisted by letterboxd."

"i (adam sandler) was inspired to join letterboxd when my distant neighbor john travolta (the star of gotti) warped into my bedroom one night and showed me the posts of gottilover and gottihater and told me he fuggin loved it. i figured, if there are really funny guys on letterboxd, i might as well join because i (adam sandler) am pretty funny (have you seen JACK & JILL?).

"listen up letterboxd, if you keep on censoring some of the greatest muthafuggin movie critics of this website, you are gonna have to deal with me, THE SANDMAN. cut the bull and start treating them with respect ya muthafuggas."

- Adam Sandler

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