Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

I feel like I just got hit by a fucking truck. This is so deeply, despairingly sad. Just a totally bleak punch to the face, especially that ending, Jesus. I get why people have issues with it, but I also see what the intention was. Seems like maybe they wrote themselves into a corner and had to compromise? I’m conflicted about it. 

Carey Mulligan is next fucking level obviously and the casting of the men in this is so sinister. Lovable white dudes that are pretty much all super charming, flipped to work as weapons. I don’t think the film totally 100% works as a whole but I’m very eager to see what Emerald Fennell makes next. 

Also, the blue vs. red motif was very interesting if not a little blunt. Curious to go back and see if they used color in other areas like those two.

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