Lightyear ★★½

Had its moments, especially in the first half. The sci fi concepts and references where fun and enjoyable from Interstellar, 2001, Alien and Dune. The characterisation of Buzz Lightyear as this lonely space ranger literally travelling a different speed to everybody else was compelling. Sox was a great edition to the cutsy Disney animal sidekick and wasn't too in your face. Zurg was cool enough.

However, in the second half as soon as they introduce the team of (not-even) rookies with the most aggressively 2020 studio writing ever that was unpleasant to sit though. Taika's comedy stylings as sidekick baffoon has always been and always will be tiring. The more modern elements would have been more fitting to frame this as a Buzz reboot Andy would take his son too and a way to connect to him.

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