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  • Hellraiser



    What an insane nightmare. Honestly expected this to be really bad shock-slock, but god. Amazing creaturedesigns, a harrowing great atmosphere, chilling music and immersing mythology. 

    I lowkey loved it, and i kort thinking of The Binding of Isaac, and honestly everything that owes itself to Hellraiser.

  • Wanted



    How has this gotten worse after watching it for the umpteenth time? A perfect uparallelled balls to the wall action epic which rewrites not only what an actionfilm can do, but also every single law of physics. Pair this with Crank, and you have the most exhilerating double feature ever.

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  • When Harry Met Sally...

    When Harry Met Sally...


    Its like Annie Hall, except it doesnt have that neurotic self-loathing Woody Allen-thing about it, which is nice.

  • Atonement



    What the actual fuck, im never lying ever again in my entire life.

    Everything about this movie is fantastic, it fucked me right in the feels. The cinematography is enough to bring you to tears, let alone the fucking saddest story ever. Saoirse Ronan is a treasure, Kiera Knightley is magnificent and McAvoy is just so fucking good. FUCK. FUCK FUCK FUCK.

    Im struggling so hard right now. fuck me...