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  • Wolf Children

    Wolf Children


    In the opening monologue, the hybrid wolfism is explained by saying that human blood and wolf blood «somehow» once got mixed, creating this romantic hybrid.

    I know this is an adventure-flick, but giving this as an explanation leaves me no single other thought than that either a male wolf fucked a human woman, or that a male man fucked a female wolf. I cannot shed this thought from my head, and it literally is the single only conclusion i can…

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    I swear ,If i ever get to hear that T-Rex growl out like that one more fucking time, i’ll murder Steven Spielberg

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  • When Harry Met Sally...

    When Harry Met Sally...


    Its like Annie Hall, except it doesnt have that neurotic self-loathing Woody Allen-thing about it, which is nice.

  • Atonement



    What the actual fuck, im never lying ever again in my entire life.

    Everything about this movie is fantastic, it fucked me right in the feels. The cinematography is enough to bring you to tears, let alone the fucking saddest story ever. Saoirse Ronan is a treasure, Kiera Knightley is magnificent and McAvoy is just so fucking good. FUCK. FUCK FUCK FUCK.

    Im struggling so hard right now. fuck me...