Barbarella ★★★★

This is a magnificent sexual voyage though space, with a bombshell of a guide in Jane Fonda as one of my new favorite heroines Barbarella. Sure, she is an intergalactic slut of magnitude. She literally has sex with every man standing in her way. But also those not standing in her way get a good slice of the pie, as she dresses in the most absurdly revealing costumes ive ever seen. And every time one costume gets ripped off her body (Which happens a good amount of times), she shows up in a new costume, even more erotic than the last.

The plot, im not going to pick upon. Because the plot is so uncentral that it is ridiculous.

But the sets and effects on the other hand! Holy bajeebus! Theyre so well accomplished. This has got to be some of my favorite early greenscreen work of all time. And the sets are so huge, and also make for a universe that really feels complete, and super funky, and freaky at the same time. The labyrinth in particular felt like a visit to one of the lower circles of hell in Dantes Divine Comedy.

This movie is just such a sight to the eye. You can watch it as a softcore porn, a campy scifi-flick, or just a plain joke, and which ever way, it still works like a charm. Its so beautiful, and so much fun. Definitley the second best space odyssey made in 68. Both movies are beautiful, but in barbarella, you dont need to think as much.

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