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  • Wagon Master

    Wagon Master


    The right way ain't always easy. The unknown hangs over the buttes and plateaus like anticipation on their breath, ethereal and majestic, as ghosts who witness the courageous. Heroism is sublime. Settlers bear their souls upon the monolithic cathedrals of the West, only sometimes mistaken as tombstones. Those ghosts hang, tacked to the air ready to haunt. Meanwhile communal song rings outward, rolling over vistas and rocky rivers, fading fog and frenzy. The path less traveled is gospel. Simple and…

  • Adventures in Babysitting

    Adventures in Babysitting


    Here's the Hitchcock-Columbus film comparison you never knew you needed in your life.

    Alfred Hitchcock's film Saboteur follows your every day American, Barry Kane (played by Robert Cummings), in one of the iconic “wrong man” tropes. He runs from set-piece to set-piece across America (from West to East) to find the man he’s taken the blame for as well as to redeem his reputation in full. The episodic tale finds Kane meeting his fellow citizens who help him on his journey,…

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  • Anglerfish


    This could be summed up as "The Little Black Lodge on the Prairie" which should instantly conjure the essence of surrealist auteurs David Lynch and late period Nobuhiko Ôbayashi with a dash of Bela Tarr and Fred Kelemen for good measure. I'm in no way being reductive. The film begins with a warning for flickering images and rightly so, as the intensity and main dynamic crescendos to a multiplicity of camera tricks and furious editing. Anglerfish is one of those rare…

  • Keoma



    You can tell these are the type of revenge flicks that inspired Tarantino. It's a swirling amorphous mass of violence, ultra-refined language, and all the gimmicks of the usual spaghetti western - though there is one part that is different. The titular character is followed by a raggedy old woman pulling a cart who could be real or a manifestation of death itself. I suppose this is the segment of the film folks are tying to the "weird" western genre…

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  • Mad God

    Mad God


    It feels absolutely wrong to give something so filled with artistic vision, creative heartache, and endless amounts of time anything less than the near perfect or perfect score. Yet as much as I love stop-motion, this does not allow me to give this feature full praise. For something that has now taken 30 years to come to fruition, it makes sense that there is so little in way of narrative and we are instead gifted with a world so full…

  • Heaven's Gate

    Heaven's Gate


    I was eleven years old when I first laid eyes upon the lone fiddler on roller skates that corralled the onlooking-people to the sepia-toned roller rink. Then the rich folksy, blue-grass rhythms joined hands with the golden dust that bounced off the wooden floorboards. It was an infectious, utterly hypnotic moment for me. I remember finding a seat next to my grandfather (on his couch that would engulf any human within its infinite leather folds) and feeling the warmth come…