I Was Born, But...

I Was Born, But... ★★★★★

Viewed with the Amazing Edith’s Collab Film Group. I’m mixing it up this week and not giving an actual review, but a Zig original. This film hit deep, and I still don’t think I did it justice.

I Was Born But…

something in the distance roars,
in a radioactive glow of anticipation—
Just something of tomorrow,
appearing before the horizon.
Adulthood or war?

Will they live the same sorry lives we have?

The struggle of those here prior,
always serving, often overlooked,
(walking the well-traveled road)
are the heroes of the daily.
We are Another.
Dust in the air just to settle again (and again and again).

Will we be better men than our fathers?

The billowing smoke conjures weird sensations,
the air will be different,
food will never be the same.
The open road allows all traffic through,
bigger, smarter, wealthier…
the obstacles are ever-changing.
So disappointment sharply pains you,
when your world gets turned upside down;
cracked hubris, shaken innocence,
and untimely emotions possess you

(sometimes ending the fights we never started)

Darkness encompasses old age,
when times such as these existed;
in the sun-lit fields, in the lively alleys,
subjects coming and going (coming and going),
playing like the royalty you were,
your kingdom was as far as the eye could see.

So before you are finally changed,
taking the chalk to the concrete walls,
and wondering the same thoughts those that came before you did,
one memory exists above all others…

A gentle breeze born from a passing train,
Her tender words a final comfort
that feeds you a sweet reverie—
just a road then, but tracks now—
your hunger gone,
your body sheltered,
an important face before you—

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