The Astrologer

The Astrologer ★★★★★

As enigmatic as the spawn he may or may not have created as a random side effect of pursuing his highest dreams and talents, director/writer/producer Craig Denney, is perhaps the Godfather (with a capital “G”) of the hyper-egotistical with-lack-of-talent-but-intense-passion artist creating film that reflects his raw id on celluloid. The only other way of describing this is if Nicolas Cage directed the way he acted; huge emotional swings, breakneck pacing smattered with random techniques, bizarre editing, but with not an ounce of shame and basking in all its flaws. Did I just describe “method directing”? 

Previous to watching The Astrologer I had no idea how big of a white whale this is for some folks. The amalgamation of distinct vision here and the attempt of making it is truly a spectacle to behold. I personally have never experienced something I hated within its first 20 minutes to gradually loving as it escalates into a thematically surprising 4th-wall-breaking reflection, culminating in the most ballsy decision by a director ever in creating a slow motion dinner scene followed by a savage monologue that could burn a city to the ground. 

P.S. “angular Uranus”

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