The Room

The Room ★★★★★

Do you even understand life?!

It’s as if all sense of awareness, urgency and charisma are sucked out of every single character (can we call them characters?!). The dialogue is mis-timed and jumbled (see florist conversation), the characters lack any sense of passion or arc, and while the direction gives us some great establishing shots of San Fransisco we remain trapped in the scrubby apartment these character’s lives get entangled in. Someone drops in to say hi or something else pointless and meaningless to just leave 30 seconds later. Huh? Motives are questionable and literally slapped together with little to no thought involved. Someone will ask a question to say “I don’t care” a second later. The list is endless. Let me just say if you’re having a bad day or if you’re suffering from some sort of depression, this film is the cure. The only thing better than laughing your ass off at the bad lines and jumbled order of those same lines is watching other people react to this flawed masterstroke of incompetence.  

Then I checked the budget. 6 MILLION DOLLARS. 

I would pay more money to see Wiseau make more films like this, and in all honesty, I truly hope we are laughing with him and not at him.  I hope he realizes the gift (by all accounts accidentally) he gave us.  He is an enigma. And I will forever ponder if he meant for the film to come out this way, or if his version of reality is so diluted we get that very product on the screen. The world may never know.

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