Minari ★★★★½

First cinema trip in 14 months and what an absolute peach of a film to devour on the big screen! Loved every minute of this beautiful film, a delightful, perfectly-paced, charming, touching, wonderful slice of life. Everything about it is so sublime: everyone in it is so good (Youn Yuh-jung deserved the hell out of that Oscar and Alan Kim is such a total star), the score is so terrific, the script's brilliant, warmly funny and evocative, it's beautifully shot, it's impassioned and honest and sincere and gorgeous. Absolutely loved the ever-living shit out of this film.

I wanted to applaud when the credits rolled. I wanted to stand up and yell "I love cinema!" at no one and everyone. God, I've so missed being absorbed and moved by a brilliant film in an actual cinema!


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