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  • Sanjuro


    The variety of shots Kurosawa can come up with to film Mifune being lazy and calling everyone fools/idiots is mind-boggling. Furthermore, his ability to find new ways to block and frame what is often 10+ people in a shot is even more mind-boggling. Constantly keeps you guessing. Also features one of the best final face-offs I've ever seen. And is in general just hugely entertaining despite being what is essentially a ninety minute rescue mission.

  • The Letter

    The Letter

    Wyler has some fun with the Singapore studio sets but I found it pretty boring until the letter showed up and then found it boring again after the case ended (when we still had another half hour or so to go).

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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Did a spur of the moment viewing of this with my roommates. Two gave it an arbitrary numerical rating of 7.5 and another said 6.5. They all said they thought it was funny and not scary. They've all gone to bed by now, so I've decided that I am going to burn the apartment down, because what the fuck is wrong with these people?

  • Artists and Models

    Artists and Models


    Pretty much features everything that is missing from most major Hollywood movies today: brilliant use of color, a zany attitude, pretty much no regard for plot/exposition of any kind, visual inventiveness, and most importantly, everyone is desperately horny. Jerry Lewis' (and surprisingly Shirley MacLaine's) facial contortions are worth it alone.