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This review may contain spoilers.

ok I'm watching this movie for the first time.

first of all 10/5 great movie

ok time for mess

this is a film about impulse control

their last heist was their sloppiest by far, I'm not sure why Robert De Niro didn't account for the fact that walking out the front door with a duffel bag full of 12 million dollars wouldn't immediately result in police surrounding the perimeter????? he used to be so meticulous, he planned the brinks heist to a T where they are picking up a specific envelope, renting ambulances, wearing ski masks but his bank plan was... to... shoot his was out of the freeway???

with that much heat on him, he should have just called it quits. but lets say for plausible deniability he was addicted to greed and the rush of the heist. couldn't he have like dug a hole in the basement or gone at night ?? I'm just saying that robbing a bank in the middle of the work day feels like he's setting himself up for disappointment.

also for a guy that never leaves loose ends, letting the homicidal pedophile run around la with all your secrets feels like a big loose end to wait until the last minute to take care of...

also I'm sad about Dennis Haybert immediately getting murked as the driver but what did he expect signing on to do crimes with his prison buddy with only five (5!) minutes notice???? was their getaway plan to just use AskJeeves Maps?

acting is impeccable 10/10

but Eady is goofy for staying with DeNiro. lady, you just found out he is a wanted criminal... make like chicken little and run

still DeNiro has a woman who is foolish enough to flee the country with him and his goatee...why would he go to an airport hotel to commit murder when he has a charter queued up??? all he has to do is mind his business and get flewed out... yet... this makes me angry! but I am immediately relieved when I see the dumb look on Eady's face when DeNiro sprints away from her in his alligator loafers. Heartbreak sucks but he's doing you a favor girlie this is not queen and slim.

the idea that Pacino is shooting at random on a tarmac only makes sense in a pre-2001 america. I was a baby when this was released but I can only imagine that bullet holes are bad for planes

but the bigger question is: what is deNiro's plan? he missed his flight. even if he manages to kill Pacino, is he planning to live at the airport until he catches another? instead he takes 3 to the chest and dies on a what I can only assume is a con Edison generator. his last words are: told you I'm never going back which are as poignant as they are regrettable considering because he could've been in Australia if he had taken one therapy session as a child and learned to let things go

still, Michael Mann snapped and now that I know this is based on a true story I plan to go in on the wikipedia