Cats ★★★★★

Once in a generation, a film is released that defines its era. George Lucas invented the modern blockbuster with Star Wars (1977) and changed the landscape of cinema forever. Orson Welles pioneered filmmaking techniques with Citizen Kane (1941) that remain relevant and revolutionary to this day. Georges Melies took audiences to the moon years before man could dream of such a feat in A Voyage to the Moon (1902). With this film, Tom Hooper has joined the ranks of era defining auteurs by asking a simple, yet profound thematic question: What are cats?
Cats (2019) goes above and beyond to answer this question, imbuing its titular characters with more life, charisma, and deeply threatening sexuality than an audience could imagine before viewing this masterwork. The Jellicles, as they are so profoundly dubbed, writhe and girate across the screen, rendered with such care by the visual effects team that you are sucked into a world of humanoid cat aberrations whose only purpose in life is to make horny, menacing eye contact with each other, themselves, and you, the viewer. In the volatile era we live in, where we are faced with existential threat after existential threat as a species, there is no film that better captures the current apocalyptic zeitgeist than Cats.

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