Cherry ★★★★

cherry was not at all what i was expecting, i liked it a lot more than i thought i would. this film is intense and raw and heartbreaking, all while being something i could rewatch again and again. the editing in the beginning and middle is questionable but it definitely matures as the film progresses. tom holland and ciara bravo make this film incredibly personal, like i was a spectator to their relationship and struggles.

the film does a good job of not romanticizing drug abuse and addiction, instead showcasing the very real, harrowing sides of it. i applaud tom’s and ciara’s level of commit to this film and their roles and the places they had to go to make this happen. the way tom completely immerses himself in this role and becomes wholly unrecognizable is impressive and admirable and will stay with me forever. someone said it was a career best performance and i wholeheartedly agree. i can’t wait to see where tom goes from here.

one thing worth mentioning is the ending. despite the film’s themes and dark, heavy emotions early on, it ends on a hopeful note that looks a lot like new beginnings. the endings to movies are sometimes very hard for me to like, so i’m not sure what the russo brothers did but they should keep doing it.

(yes i’m writing this review a week after seeing it the first time...... time isn’t real anyway)

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