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  • Unforgettable


    Who needs this in a world where we have Obsessed?

  • Dunkirk



    Here is a war movie that's all about process: A celebration of duty, not destruction. Moving large groups of men around, marshalling boats, measuring airplane fuel, finding enough food and tea for hundreds of thousands of stranded boys who just want to go home, figuring out what to do with the French. I think sound design that employs a constant ticking and Hans Zimmer's overwrought score is a wrongheaded choice, but otherwise this is exceptional, one of the best war movies ever made (caveat: I don't like many war movies), and second in Nolan's body of work only to The Prestige.

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  • Showgirls



    A truly great movie marred by David Schmader's condescending live commentary. It really takes balls to make a name for yourself acting superior to a work of art so singular that you've been able to spend a decade coasting off your loose association with it. Schmader derides Verhoeven's own thoughtful insights, which on their face have more merit than Schmader's smug self-satisfaction. At the show's nadir, he claims the moral high ground over Showgirls by refusing to show the rape…

  • Fifty Shades of Grey

    Fifty Shades of Grey


    I really need a YouTube series or something where I can effectively unpack the love I have for these movies that must leave most of you shaking your heads in befuddlement. ("There he goes again," I imagine you all saying.) Jamie Dornan is woefully miscast, but otherwise this is a fascinating movie: Divorced from the notion of franchises and novels and media saturation, this is essentially about two people who ultimately learn they aren't right for each other in spite…