Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★

Man if those jews just hoped a little harder and we loved each other more the holocaust would have never happened!

Seriously though this is a well-intentioned failure. Its quite funny and has a fun style but it certainly has little to no value as a satire. There is very little satirizing going on here, but a whole lot of "those nazi's sure are bad! and DUMB, boy were they STUPID". Jojo Rabbit is constantly afraid to examine much of the horrors related to Nazi Germany, instead content to just dip its toes in the water to wrestle out some melodramatic tears from its audience.

Like I said, I believe this movie was well intentioned, and I love Taika's filmmaking, but this accomplishes almost none of what it sets out to do. The film does work pretty well as a satire of blind nationalism, but as some sort of look into hatred, or the holocaust, it comes up empty.

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