Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★★

(96/100) Absolute savagery. Jamie Foxx is easily climbing as not only one of my favorite actors but favorite people. Hes can act, sing, and hes hilarious. beast. The KKK scene is awesome and shows what scum and idiots those people really are. A bit long for my liking, not the biggest fan of super long films but it keeps your attention the whole time so ill let it slide. Djangos confidence just continued to increase as the movie went on and it was so fun to watch. Cant forget how good Christolph waltz is. Dude gets it done in every role.

"Not too good. I mean, if I don’t move my head I can see you pretty good, more or less. But when I start riding, the bag’s moving all over, and I’m riding blind."