Manchester by the Sea

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This review may contain spoilers.

(91/100) An absolute tearjerker. Casey Affleck is an absolute emotionless yet completely bottled up full of emotion animal. This movie feels like its going no where throughout the whole thing with its slow and methodical storytelling. Its gut wrenching and real. We need more Lucas Hedges and Casey. Hedges is hilarious and embodies a Boston teenager to a t. Boston banter will always be my favorite type of banter and never fails to make me laugh. I loved the scene where Casey's character finally reveals and expresses his emotion about the whole situation where he just finally breaks down and says "I just can't beat it". He can't stay in a town where such tragedy occurred. It tears him apart. Powerful

"You can't talk about boring bullshit for half an hour? "Hey, how about those interest rates?" "Hey, I lost my Triple A card." Like everybody else?"

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