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  • Three Men and a Baby

    Three Men and a Baby


    2 names. Ted Danson and Tom Selleck. That's all this movie really needed to succeed, and the year it came out that's exactly what it did. Danson and Selleck are instantly likeable and when you mix in a cute baby it's easy to see why people are fond of this movie. Yes, the movie is firmly set in the 80's with it's soundtrack and fashion, but the balance of sweetness, humor and some danger is mixed together well regardless of…

  • Clue



    Clue is the reason we still have hope that a movie based on a game or other property can turn out good or even better than the original. It knows it's a comedy and won't try to convince you otherwise. From the get-go the soundtrack is at once spooky and bouncy where you feel like you may be walking into a PBS special mystery theater piece, but soon find out you've ventured into something greater than you had anticipated. With…

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  • Stand by Me

    Stand by Me


    A coming of age story that sets the standard for all others. 4 boys of distinct, but not caricatured personalities set off on a mission to find the body of a missing boy to become small town heroes. The drama is believable and impactful. The chemistry between the four young actors is engaging and makes you feel like you were a part of a group just like theirs. Peaks and valleys with imagery and moments with purpose. A hilarious little…