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  • Arrival
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  • Sinister



    Expected much more. Ordinary.

  • Full Metal Jacket

    Full Metal Jacket


    Was scrolling through Netflix when I saw this pop up; (tho i do not know much about the Vietman war or its effects on the American people) This got me instantly hooked right from the haircut scene and what followed it was about 50 mins of absolute cinematic magic.
    Not that the second half lacks anything,
    (I'm sure i would completely understand and appreciate this half upon further watches and studies about the War) but the awe with which it…

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  • Snatch



    Holy shit! This is my first Guy Ritchie film and I have to admit- this is one of the most fun movies I've ever watched.
    The direction is exceptionally unique and spectacular soundtracks are marvelous.
    And Oh My God! Its just been half a day that i watched the movie; and I've already quoted it 15-20 times.
    And I haven't even stated the best part of the movie , i.e. the brilliant characters and the actors who play them.

  • Django Unchained

    Django Unchained


    Tarantino never ceases to amaze us every fuckin time. Once you start the movie-thats it- you're a 'slave to it'- as is the case with Django Unchained.
    Christopher Waltz killed it in every scene and I cant thank Tarantino enough for giving us Leo in a negative role.The Production was so incredible but the classic Tarantino Humour just gives it a heavenly touch.
    Though, I felt the final 30 minutes were relatively weak as compared to the rest of the movie -it still is a modern masterpiece.