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  • Little Women

    Little Women


    watched this as the plane descended into LA. utterly mesmerising, even on a plane screen. a lot has happened in the year since I saw this three times in the cinema - this time around I was full of my love for the film but I wasn’t a teary mess. it meant that I got to appreciate the final moments which had previously been obscured to me because of said tears. this time I did feel that emma watson’s meg…

  • Maurice



    I’ve been pretty low for the past couple of weeks - I’ve been physically fatigued, and emotionally I’ve just been feeling kind of messy. can’t concentrate, don’t care about much, the usual. thankfully films are a good way to anchor myself, and since watching this I’ve actually felt quite invigorated.

    maurice falls into the gay oxbridge romance category of which I feel like the last remaining fan, probably with good reason. it’s incredibly self-indulgent and limited in its worldview, but…

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  • Unorthodox



    watched this because I’m jewish and, as expected, I worried the whole time about what the viewing experience would be like for someone who isn’t. I associate judaism with the values that are closest to my heart, and it’s very tricky to see those symbols and rites associated with a radical fringe group. which isn’t a great sign, but actually for the most part I think the show does land pretty well. the character of the husband was delicately done,…

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    it still feels rare to have a film that honestly explores female sexuality - it’s a shock to watch a film and be flooded with memories, the sometimes nightmarish buried treasure from my own psyche. makes me realise how magical it is to have films that see you - it’s not just about being ‘reflected’ on screen, it’s about being challenged and understood in a way that speaks to a specific shared experience. 

    it was so unexpectedly moving, but not…