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  • Dragonwyck



    Okay. So. This worked a lot better for me intellectually than as an entertaining movie, but I'm going to focus on the stuff I found interesting, even if the movie wasn't that great on the whole.

    I was expecting a traditional Gothic romance, and while this is certainly that, Dragonwyck is much more interested in subversion than in actually crafting a straight forward Gothic story. Its main point of subversion is its criticisms of Jane Eyre, making Dragonwyck join the…

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  • The Housemaid

    The Housemaid


    The Housemaid is basically only male anxiety. Male anxiety about what would happen if women treated men like how men treat women (systemically not individually). Our main male character is technically in the position of power as a patriarch and a teacher, and when his power goes unchecked, his world is safe and normal. But as soon as a student is inappropriate to him, his grip on male power (specifically sexual dominance) disappears. He is the one being desired inappropriately.…

  • Victim



    It's official. Dirk Bogarde is going on my mental list of actors whose careers I need to explore this coming year. I saw him in The Servant last year, a film I can't say I liked, but he certainly still grabbed hold of me there. Now with Victim, I can see he had something that just clicks with me. His performance in the scene where he's forced into being truthful to his wife is electrifying.

    The title is interesting to…

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  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir


    Who ever thought I'd love (no, adore) a Rex Harrison movie?

  • The Scapegoat

    The Scapegoat


    Two important things:

    1. I have been thinking about those tweets that have been going around of young women (late teens, early twenties) expressing infatuation or lust for an...unconventional celebrity. Thirst for like Jimmy Fallon, Dr. Phil, Tarantino, weird choices. They're funny tweets to laugh at and all, but I do feel a kinship with those girls. I say this because Alec Guinness? He hot.

    2. This is a very British thriller. Crazy shit happens to the main character and…