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  • Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?

    Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?


    The Cinderella story has never been one of my favorites. Part of that is probably because it's overdone, but also because I find it to be one of the less interesting fairy tales. I think that could be thanks to how it is seen culturally, as the 50s Disney movie. That Cinderella as a character actually does have quite a bit of personality and sass, but ultimately she is the beautiful object the story revolves around. She is told to…

  • Belle de Jour

    Belle de Jour


    "You like to be humiliated. I don't."

    This is what Henri Husson says to Severine when he discovers her secret life as the high class prostitute Belle de Jour. That one line brought their entire relationship together for me. I thought back on the fantasies of Severine's, most importantly the one where Husson is throwing oil or shit or mud on her and calling her a slut, and the one where Husson shows her his seeds under the table of…

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  • Maid of Salem

    Maid of Salem


    Casting Claudette Colbert as a repressed Puritan woman is like casting Patricia Neal as a pious nun. The sexual energy is too strong!

  • Three-Cornered Moon

    Three-Cornered Moon


    Three-Cornered Moon is paced pretty awkwardly, as in the inciting incident happens about 20 minutes into a 77 minute long movie, but I didn't mind because I found the comedy really funny and the performers delightful. Claudette Colbert is the straight man of the film, but even in a less showy role she's memorable as ever. Still, the real stars of the show are her brothers (Tom Brown, William Bakewell, and Wallace Ford) and her mother (Mary Boland, who steals…

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  • Hollywood



    There is a throwaway line in Hollywood where Ernie, hoping the film he's starred in will win Best Sound Editing, is frustrated when that Oscar actually goes to Body and Soul. He calls Body and Soul "that piece of shit".

    Hollywood is built around self congratulatory masturbation for its creators. Lord knows how proud Ryan Murphy must be for rewriting Hollywood history in an attempt to give a voice to Black men and women, Asian-American women, and gay men who…

  • Weekend



    Bellamy and I are back with another episode of our quarantine series What Did We Just Watch? Today we tackled Jean-Luc Godard's Week End, which was Bellamy's first ever Godard. In this episode we get into the fashion, the satire, and of course the cannibalism of the film. We reveal what our next episode's movie will be at the end, so stay tuned!

    Here is the link: