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  • A Countess from Hong Kong

    A Countess from Hong Kong


    Charlie Chaplin's final film in his directorial filmography, and it's one that is contentious among watchers, considered one of his less impressive works by many but championed as an underrated gem by a select few Chaplin fans. Personally, I found it enjoyable and funny, though its flaws are quite glaring (Brando, though fantastic in serious roles, seems both bored and out of his depth with comedy). I think the generic romantic comedy plot of A Countess from Hong Kong is…

  • The Unholy Wife

    The Unholy Wife


    "What is it you're really after?"
    "Yeah, having your cake and eating it too."
    "It's such a handsome cake."

    I've been meaning to watch films starring Diana Dors since I enjoyed her memorable cameo in Theatre of Blood. The influx of the Marilyn Monroe derivatives that captured the public's sexual attention in the 1950s interests me, as the sheer number of blonde bombshells that all found success (and a well remembered place in film history) using a version of…

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  • Female Trouble

    Female Trouble


    "Taffy, I told you repeatedly, no jumping rope within ten feet of me."

    "I'm going to go sink into a long, hot beauty bath now and try to erase the stink of a five-year marriage."

    "Filthy hetero stink-shit!"

    "Watch it, Doc. I sue and bruise easily."

    There are just too many great quotes in Female Trouble to pick just one.

    Female Trouble is a delightful, transgressive, and hilarious 97 minute riot against traditional heteronormative society. Like Polyester, the first Waters…

  • Ethnic Notions

    Ethnic Notions


    "One of the best ways of maintaining a system of oppression has to do with the psychological control of the people."

    Another amazing documentary from Marlon Riggs. Like Color Adjustment, it is an engaging look at the portrayal of Black Americans in American media, beginning with Antebellum stereotypes and ending with a reflection on where Black representation was in 1986 (the film's present day). I watched Color Adjustment first even though it actually came out later, in 1992, and I…

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  • Hollywood


    There is a throwaway line in Hollywood where Ernie, hoping the film he's starred in will win Best Sound Editing, is frustrated when that Oscar actually goes to Body and Soul. He calls Body and Soul "that piece of shit".

    Hollywood is built around self congratulatory masturbation for its creators. Lord knows how proud Ryan Murphy must be for rewriting Hollywood history in an attempt to give a voice to Black men and women, Asian-American women, and gay men who…

  • Big Deal on Madonna Street

    Big Deal on Madonna Street


    Marcello Mastroianni and his son. Marcello Mastroianni and his wife. Marcello Mastroianni and his beret. Marcello Mastroianni.