Carrie ★★★

It was interesting to see how Carrie was empowered and disempowered throughout the story. I was pretty ready to write this off as yet another sexist 70s film by an auteur due to the gratuitous shots of Carrie in the shower, but it's a little more nuanced than that because the movie actually cares about Carrie as a person, even if the movie started with some objectifying of her. I liked seeing Carrie find empowerment in her teacher and in Tommy, and indirectly in Sue, and seeing her disempowerment due to high school society, her mother, and Chris and Billy. I liked that Carrie got empowerment from herself too, standing up to her mother and in general just trying her hardest to have agency. A lot of female characters don't have any agency, so seeing Carrie fight for hers was refreshing.

The movie's slow build to the prom, and in particular the infamous prom prank is really good. Up until the moment the bucket spills, the audience is on the edge of their seat. The slow motion sequence leading up to the prank is masterfully done. However, I hated the use of split screen while Carrie got her revenge. I had trouble focusing on what was already a chaotic scene, and it just felt distracting instead of stylish.

The ending with Amy Irving (who I need to watch more of, I like her!) was so scary! The jump scare completely got me.

I'm glad I've finally seen this 70s classic, even if it wasn't completely perfect, it was certainly interesting.

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