The City Without Jews

The City Without Jews ★★★★

A pitch perfect satire that’s still timely today.

I’m so glad this film was found and restored, I feel so lucky to have seen it. It truly is an important part of film history and world history, and a great work of resistance against the Nazis.

The City Without Jews is very funny while also tackling the evils of anti-semitism. The comedy has aged well, and the social commentary has too. Its not perfect, but it really is so important in our current political context.

I saw this in a theater (always a fantastic experience to see old films with an audience) and with a live score. I adored the score. Günther A Buchwald did a beautiful job. I loved the dark double bass music when the political leader spoke passing the law expelling Jews from the city.

Also, I loved Leo! He was such a badass, and I loved how brave he was and how he was the hero of the film. After the film, an Austrian film historian shared that the director and the man who played Leo both became Nazis. This was a horrible shock not just to me but the rest of the audience.

I hope this movie will be available soon on streaming or DVD with the same score.