Scream ★★★★★

It’s almost September, so I’m starting my scary movie binge a bit early.

Scream is one of my absolute favorites. From Craven’s stellar direction (the opening scene will forever live in horror infamy, and the pulse-pounding climax set at Stu’s farmhouse is equally unnerving and effective) to Williamson’s clever, tongue-in-cheek screenplay, this film expertly deconstructs the horror genre while providing audiences with a legitimate scarefest in its own right. The pacing is near perfection, the dual comedic and horrific tones are suitably balanced, the score is undeniably tense, and most of the performances are extremely engaging (Ms. Campbell in particular delivers a Final Girl for the AGES).

I never get bored of this film. Even despite having seen it countless times, every scare still spooks and every joke still lands. Shoutout to the OG meta horror classic.

P.S. Having Halloween play in the background of the third act remains an INGENIOUS decision. And rewatching this somehow got me even more excited for the upcoming sequel (if that was even possible)!

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